Thursday, 4 June 2009

EUP Elections

Planning to vote in the upcoming EU Parliament elections?

Info on which parties are against the incandescent ban is not easy to find. These are the only ones I know for sure:

* Britain: United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Conservative.

* Germany: Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokratische Partei, FDP), Liberal.

* Sweden: June List (junilistan, jl) cross-political, in EU Independence/Democracy group. Thinks the incandescent ban is a joke, or in Sören Wibe's words, "symbol politics and hypocricy".

* Sweden: Feministiskt initiativ (fi). Don't have a specific policy on such a marginal issue but think EU should concern themselves more with human rights issues than micromanaging the use of consumer products.

The other major parties in Sweden seem to be for the ban, including the few that are usually EU-skeptic, such as the left vänsterpartiet and green party miljöpartiet.

* EU: Libertas (pan-European reform party). Thinks EU interferes too much in general, that it is too far removed from the people, that more decisions should be returned to national governments, and is therefore against legislation such as the incandescent ban.

If anyone knows of more parties against the ban, feel free to mail or post in the comments section.

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