Tuesday, 19 May 2009


A few weeks ago I called IKEA. Since I'd heard rumours about people emptying their shelves of frosted incandescent lamps, I wanted to know which of their stores had refilled their stocks so as not to have to go there in vain when I wanted to fill up my supply of frosted lamps for reading.

- Sorry, none of the stores in your area has any left, said the person at Custromer Service.
- So, when are they getting more lamps?
- They will not be getting any more. This item is an outgoing product.
- What?! But the ban on frosted bulbs does not take effect until September??
- The item is an outgoing product, she repeated, as if that explained everything.
- But this is a standard product that you always sell, it's not like a specific model of a chair or table which one may expect can be replaced by another design from one season to the next?!
- Well, it is still an outgoing product.
- *sigh* I assume you're just taking calls and cannot do anything about this. Can I speak to whoever made this decision, please?
- That department doesn't take calls.
- Why not?
- Too many wanted to talk with them so they don't take calls anymore...

Seems like IKEA Sweden wants a head start on forcing people to buy their own brand CFLs instead (which also happen to be more profitable)...

I wonder how much this shortsighted decision will cost them in lost revenue as customers get ticked off by having their free choice removed prematurely?

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