Monday, 11 January 2010

Greener Lights? moves

This blog has now moved to

The reason is that Blogger is impossible to work with, especially after the latest update. Anything that includes any sort of formating takes about 3-5 times as long while exhausting one's supply of curses as Blogger randomly moves parts around and adds spaces and html script that wasn't requested. The size button is wrongly configured ('small' generates x-small and has to be changed manually in the code) and the html version of pages is just a jumbled mess, requiring superhuman patience to sort out. WYSIWYG in Bloggerish means that you don't get what you see, you get something altogether different.

And no support whatsoever, just a forum where no one replies to the million+ user complaints, and a link to the software creator bragging about his great work and ignoring all the complaints about it in his comments section.

Enough of this, I need a hassle-free 2010 so I've exported this blog to wordpress and fixed the formating with their more reliable and user-friendly tools. I'll still leave these archives up for those who have linked to this site, but will continue blogging at wordpress.

Welcome there!

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